Mansoor Afaq is a considerable film critique as well.

Mansoor Afaq

    Mansoor Afaq is a considerable film critique as well. He has been a film and TV programe columnist for daily newspaper Nawa e Waqt over a long period of time. He has delivered lectures for East Film Academy under the flag of Society of Culture and Heritage. He has written a book “A shot of butterfly” in Urdu language

     Mansoor Afaq writes about himself.  “I am currently Executive Director of Society of Culture and Heritage (SOCH) promoting art and culture. I am also serving as the director programs of Sky Channel Takbeer UK. I am writing this letter as deeply associated with performing arts and entertainment in Pakistan and UK. In my career, I have produced, directed, written over 182 Television Plays for Pakistan TV and NTM (private channel in Pakistan). I am also a poet, song writer and have produced programs on Pakistan Television associated with culturally unique Pakistani Classical and folk music of Pakistan. I am the author of multiple .poetry books in Urdu and also write columns on Entertainment in Pakistani Urdu Newspapers

    In my career besides writing, producing and directing Television Plays, I have also produced music programs for several years. My productions of music programs required extreme knowledge of various type of music compositions on my part in order for me to produce the programs comprising of varied music forms including, but not limited to culturally unique Folk, Ghazal, Sufi and classical songs/compositions. My programs were equally known in Sub Continent (Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh Combined). In addition I am also a poet, song writer and author of several Poetry books in Urdu language. I was also a regular Columnist regarding entertainment/performing arts including music in Pakistani Newspapers.

    I am writing this affidavit to verify which singers in the currently pending –P-3 petition file by Sur Saga are culturally unique and what genre of the Music they will be performing in the show “Rhythms of the East”.

    I am writing this affidavit to verify that the Folk, Ghazal and Sufi music is culturally unique music and the singers who sing such genre of songs are also culturally unique. Not only the singers but the musicians who play such music using their instruments are also to be considered playing culturally unique music.

    In this affidavit, I will first briefly touch upon the types of culå


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